Our Goals

  • Concrete Supplementation Construction works in the construction sector for the conduction of the contract and supervision system for the people who have a common venue and work with the community will need to fix a uniformly rewarded number for their construction activities.
  • Activities for the development of culture and art.
  • Avoid unhealthy competition between the members.

Construction Workers Supervisors Association

Construction workers supervisors association (CWSA) KeralaThe Construction Workers Supervisors' Association (CWSA) was formed on 21st September, the Samadhi of Sri Narayana Guru. This organization is the association of the masons and workers in the construction work of the state.This organization functions within the ideals of Sri Narayana Guru. Caste,religion and politics do not always come into the activities of the organization and the social welfare activities.

Social Welfare Activities

We started this project in 2008. P S Prakasan, the iritty area president was first introduced this concept in the organization. Everyone in the association agreed his concept without any objection.
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News & Events