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Construction Workers Supervisors Association

Construction Workers Supervisors Association is an organization dedicated to the upliftment and cultural development of masons.Until then there was no one to advise or organize the masons.There were no one to help the masonswho were suffering.This organization is formed with the intention of making a change for this.All other groups have their own organizations. The formation of the Construction Workers Supervisors' Association formed the basis of the idea that why we cannot form an organization.

The organization goes beyond caste and political thoughts. It is a great achievement that the association has been able to stand up for the coordination and unityof the masonswho have been in mutual competition since the formation of the organization. We are proud of this.

At this point, the attribution of the organization to the employees and the social and cultural workers advised by the organization is recorded.

Possible to make the same rate is considered the success of our team. The organization has initiated a solution to some of the problems faced by the owners and masons. And succeededin it.A group of organizational activists and leaders are working with responsibilities and loyalty, keeping in mind the organization's vision. The result is that the organization has reached its highest level.

Thanks to the efforts of the Construction Workers Supervisors Association, this organization has been grateful to the entire political parties. Also requesting co-ordination on collaborators that have been made so far, to workers and activists.

Respectful and reverential gurus are also remembered for all gurus who are confident in building construction and giving them confidence and inspiration. We wish for their hidden souls in the time definite.

Our Goals

  • Concrete Supplementation Construction works in the construction sector for the conduction of the contract and supervision system for the people who have a common venue and work with the community will need to fix a uniformly rewarded number for their construction activities.
  • Activities for the development of culture and art.
  • Avoid unhealthy competition between the members.

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