Eligibility to be a member

Individuals who have invested in the construction work and have undertaken all the work in the construction sector and are engaged in the contractual system can apply for membership of the caste-based religious party and political considerations. At present, the application along with the existing admissions fees has to be submitted to the Regional Unit President and the applicant is a member if the Executive Committee recognizes. The organization should issue an identity card to the members within six months.

Application fee and subscription

Application Fee for membership is Rs. 350 / - and the subscription to a member organization is 25 rupees. Members who fail to pay more than three months subscriptions will lose their membership. However, the Executive Committee of the Unit shall have the power to exercise the power of subordination and other organizational functionalities and accept the interest of the member who has lost the membership, subject to the approval of the Committee for approval.

The unit will have to pay Rs. 15 to the Zonal Committee at the unit level and the District Committee shall pay Rs. 10 to the District Committee and the District Committee shall pay Rs. 5 to the State Committee. Membership fee should be Rs. 50 / unit for district committees and Rs. 200 / - to state committee. State committee will issue identity card.

The anti-organizational activity and similar activity shall have the power to reprimand, exterminate or expel the mayor against all members of any other activity that may harm the organization. The person who has been convicted in this manner will also be given the opportunity to appeal to the state committee. The majority decision of the State Committee will be final.

Committees will be entitled for funding and criminal activity of all organizers and against criminal offenses of all organizers.

Our Goals

  • Concrete Supplementation Construction works in the construction sector for the conduction of the contract and supervision system for the people who have a common venue and work with the community will need to fix a uniformly rewarded number for their construction activities.
  • Activities for the development of culture and art.
  • Avoid unhealthy competition between the members.

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